Tree Survey in Fort Worth, TX

Butler Tree Health provides tree surveys in Fort Worth, TX needed for property evaluations. Contact us today at 817-882-6499 to schedule a tree survey. We provide survey services on both commercial and residential properties:

For Commercial Customers: Tree surveys are used to gather information about the trees at a site before the site plan or permit approval. It is a necessary step that must be taken prior to development. Most municipalities have tree ordinances that require certain species of trees to be saved, replaced, or even relocated. Also, knowing what trees are where can help you incorporate them into the overall plans in a visually pleasing way, increasing the overall value. In order for this to be done, a detailed survey of the trees must be completed.

For Homeowners/Landowners: Tree surveys help you assess or even increase the value of your property, prepare the property or a portion of property for sale, or simply inform you of all the different tree species on your property.

Tree Survey includes:

  • Tree Species
  • Tree Size (DBH + Approx. Height)
  • Tree Condition
  • Location of Tree*
  • Tree Tag and Number
  • Calculated Applicable Tree Credits/Debits for mitigation

*GPS tagging can be added if desired

Land surveyors are often asked to perform tree surveys, only ISA Certified Arborists familiar with the local tree species are qualified to perform tree surveys. If you need a tree survey done in Fort Worth, TX, call 817-882-6499 or email us today to get an estimate!