Tree Planting Services in Fort Worth, TX

Small Redbud Tree

Give New Trees a Healthy Start With Professional Planting!

Proper tree care starts from the very beginning, which is why we offer small tree planting! Careful planning and adequate care can ensure that any new trees you add to your property will live long and healthy lives. If you are looking for tree planting services in Fort Worth, TX, contact us today at 817-882-6499.

There are two main things that prevent a planted tree from properly establishing itself and ultimately surviving, both occur before or during the planting process. Proper tree selection and correct planting techniques are the main factors between having a healthy, beautiful tree or having a small, stunted little tree that doesn’t really grow. Having a healthy tree that lives for years can increase property value and eventually shading the house providing energy savings. But a small, stunted tree that doesn’t really grow, comes with a host of problems. It may fall over in storms or ultimately succumb to insects or disease due to stress. Even if neither of those happen, if planted improperly it will reach the limitations of its inadequate root system. The tree will then need to be removed and replaced all at a cost to you while leaving you back at square one with a young tree.

In the picture on the left, staking wires were left around this young Live Oak for too long. The tree was still alive somehow, but its growth and leaves were heavily stunted. Situations like these can be easily prevented  with the help of a certified arborist. Contact us today, and we can assist you with the care of your trees and property.


Call Us for Professional Tree Care

If you choose Butler Tree Health for tree planting services in Fort Worth, TX, our Arborist will inspect the planting site and consult with you to find the best tree species for you and your location. Your tree will then be selected, properly planted, and staked by our ISA Certified Arborist. You will be provided with information on how to properly care for your new tree and offered a low cost fertilization treatment plan to ensure the tree remains healthy and achieves its full potential. If you would like to schedule our professional planting services, call 817-882-6499 or email today to schedule a tree planting consultation.