Tree Health Assessment in Fort Worth, TX

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There are many different health issues that can affect trees and shrubs in North Texas, especially those growing in urban and suburban areas. Knowing the signs of potential health problems can help you keep your trees healthy and prevent the spread of disease to other trees. If you would like to schedule a tree health assessment in Fort Worth, TX, contact Butler Tree Health today at 817-882-6499. We have years of experience and local knowledge of common issues that could affect your trees. Our certified arborist can provide solutions to bring your trees back to full health! We are dedicated to providing lasting results when it comes to professional tree care in the DFW area.

Do You Need a Tree Health Assessment?

If you think that you may have some unhealthy trees, here are a few of the signs and symptoms that may indicate the need for a tree health assessment:

  • Young tree with dead limbs, falling over, or not growing well
  • Leaves that are miscolored or light green
  • Leaves slow to form; thin, deformed, or damaged leaves; early leaf drop
  • Branch tip dieback, dead/dying leaves, or branches
  • Mushrooms or similar growths on branches, trunk, roots, or ground near the tree
  • Insects eating through leaves and stems
  • White spots, sticky or powdery looking leaves
  • Bark shedding or falling from trunk
  • Holes in trunk or branches, sometimes oozing or sawdust in and around holes
  • Physical damage to the tree
  • Trees or shrubs are not growing well

A full health assessment can be performed to determine whether the cause is related to care, location, pests, or disease. In order to properly diagnose and care for your plants, a tree health assessment must be performed by our ISA Certified Arborist. When you choose an arborist with ISA certification, you are choosing a dedicated professional with extensive training in tree care. After an assessment has been completed, the proper treatment plan will be created in order to save, heal, invigorate, or care for your affected trees and shrubs. Call 817-882-6499 or email us to schedule your tree health assessment in Fort Worth, TX!