Tree Growth Regulators in Fort Worth, TX

Are you looking for ways to protect large trees on your property? If so, you might consider a Tree Growth Regulator (TGR). This service is an affordable way to improve the defensives of a large tree so that it stays healthy with extra protection against stress and disease. Contact us at 817-882-6499 for more information about scheduling time for a tree growth regulator in Fort Worth, TX.

What is a Tree Growth Regulator (TGR)?

Trees in a Front Lawn

Growth Inhibitors are Beneficial for Trees Growing Near Your Home or Driveway

A Tree Growth Regulator (TGR) is one of the most beneficial things that can be done for a large or mature tree, whether the tree is stressed or completely healthy. TGRs are made to slow the vegetative growth of trees, which effectively extends the trimming cycle and also reduces the amount of woody material that must be removed when pruning is needed. TGRs also increase root density and improves drought and heat resistance to reduce the potential stress these factors could create. They also provide the tree with a higher tolerance to insects and diseases. A regulator can also increase the longevity of trees growing in stressful environments.

Why is this useful for large trees? In some cases, large trees don’t always have a strong root system to support it. When it continues to grow, but the root system isn’t big enough, you have a greater risk of the tree falling during storms. Large trees also require a lot more water and nutrients and can become stressed quickly if it doesn’t get enough of both. Growth inhibitors can allow your tree to improve with more energy focus on root growth and better defenses.

The TGR treatment lasts for 5 years in the tree, is relatively inexpensive, and completely non-invasive; it is one of the best treatments that can be done to improve or preserve the health of large, mature trees. TGRs, especially when combined with proper deep root fertilization, will give your large or mature tree everything it needs to remain a healthy, beautiful, and valuable part of your property for years to come.

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A tree health assessment should be performed to determine whether a TGR, or any other treatment, is right for your tree(s). Call 817-882-6499 or email today to schedule your Tree Health Assessment and tree growth regulator in Fort Worth, TX!