Wood Borer Treatment

Healthy Trees Are Not Affected By Wood Borers Which is Why Plant Care is Important!

One of the most common threats to ornamental tree are wood boring insects. These insects will lay eggs on the bark of trees and the hatching larva will burrow into the tree, eating away at the living wood. This will cause girdling, dieback, and structural weakness leading to the eventual death of the tree. If you have trees damaged by wood borers, contact us at 817-882-6499 right away for wood borer treatment in Fort Worth, TX. Treating damaged trees and even the surrounding plants can prevent infestations from destroying your trees. Our certified arborist can do an assessment to determine what care is needed to preserve the health of your trees.

How Can You Prevent Wood Boring Insects?

The simplest way to prevent wood borers from attacking your trees is to keep your trees healthy. In most cases, wood boring insects are rarely attracted by healthy plants. Stress, soil compaction, and injuries are just a few things that could make your trees more susceptible to not only insects but disease as well. It is vital to ensure that your trees are healthy and have them assessed at the first signs of a problem.

Paths and Exit Holes Caused By Wood Borer Living Inside of a Tree.

Most wood boring insects are attracted by certain species of trees, limiting the trees they could have an effect on. Common species of trees that wood borers damage include: poplar, slash pine, birch, cottonwood, soft maple, and willow trees. If you have any of these types of trees on your property, there are a few things you can do to discourage wood boring insects from damaging your trees:

Planting Site – Choose an area to plant your tree where it can thrive while avoiding stress, sun scald, and other damaging effects.
Prevent Injury – Take care to avoid accidentally cutting tree trunks with lawn care equipment
Care for Injuries – If your tree does become damaged in some way, make sure it is taken care of promptly to avoid disease and infestations.
Plant Care – Keep up with proper watering and fertilizing and prune as needed

Contact a Certified Arborist for Treatment

If you believe your trees are being damaged by wood borers, give us a call today at 817-882-6499 for wood borer treatment in Fort Worth, TX. It is important to treat infected trees promptly and take preventative measures to ensure the rest of your trees remain healthy.