Webworms Treatment

Webworm nest

Webworms Create Protective Nests to Keep Out of Reach of Birds and Other Predators

If you’ve notice large clusters of webbing in your trees, you may be dealing with webworms. These worms are actually caterpillars that hatch on a tree and the spin protective webbing around them to keep themselves safe from predators. Unfortunately, inside this protective web, they’ll eat through the leaves of your tree leaving behind only skeletal remains including the midrib and larger leaf veins.

While not the most damaging of tree pests, the webs are unsightly and heavy infestations can weaken a tree. If you are in need of webworm treatment in Fort Worth, TX, give Butler Tree Health a call at 817-882-6499 today.

Trees That Webworms Are Found In

Webworms will feed on a variety of different trees. They tend to be attracted to shade trees as well and fruit and nut trees but are not found on evergreens. If you do notice webs in a pine or cedar tree on your property, you may be dealing with bagworms. In Texas, webworms are typically found in pecan trees but are known to feed on these as well:

  • Elm
  • Cottonwood
  • Hickory
  • Mulberry
  • Oak
  • Poplar
  • Redbud
  • Sweetgum
  • Willow

As with most parasites, taking early action against them is the best way to protect your trees from severe damage. A few webworm nests are easy to take care of. Simply pull apart the webbing with a broom handle or high pressure sprayer so that predators can get to the caterpillars. If the are numerous webs, or the webbing is high up in the tree, give us a call and we can provide treatment for more control and prevention of the webworms.

Do Webworms Harm Trees?

Even a heavy infestation can take time to truly damage a tree. But the stress is causes can leave the tree susceptible to other problems like wood borers and disease. Contact us today if you need webworm treatment in Fort Worth, TX. We can do a Tree Health Assessment and provide you with treatment plants to deal with current infestations and prevent future problems. Give us a call at 817-882-6499 to schedule an appointment with our arborist!