Plant Scale Treatment

Scale Insects Feed On Plants and Trees, Weakening Over Time.

One of the common issues that tree can have are scale insects. These tiny insects live and feed on the branches and leaves of trees. Scale can sometimes have the appearance of bumps or spots on plants. Since they don’t move once they are attached to part of a plant, they can often go unnoticed until the tree starts to show signs of stress. We provide plant scale treatment in Fort Worth, TX. by calling 817-882-6499 to schedule an appointment with our ISA certified arborist.

Types of Scales

  • Cottony scales get their name from the cotton-like wax that they produce. They infest plants and trees including maples, mulberry, holly, yew, and hydrangea.
  • Armored scales are typically white and will infest any exposed plant tissue including leaves, stems and branches. They are commonly found on conifers, oaks, and fruit trees.
  • Soft scales, including Lecanium and wax scales, are some of the common soft scales that infest oak trees, elms, hollies, and conifers.

Damage Caused by Scale

Scale Insect Infestations Can Kill Trees if Left Untreated.

Scale insects can weaken the structure of trees over time as they continue to feed on it. Catching and treating scale insects early on can prevent severe damage being done to trees. Infestations of young plants could cause stunted growth. Trees and plants that are heavily infested will begin to lose leaves, stems, and branches as the plants begin to weaken.

Scale will also cause stress to trees which can make them susceptible to other pests including borers. The honeydew made by scale insects also creates an environment for sooty mold to grow which can damage plants over time. If you begin to notice signs of a scale infestation, it is important to have it treated right away to save the tree from further damage.

Get Scale Insect Treatment

Thankfully, there are methods available to prevent infestations and to improve the health of plants that have already been affected. We are available for plant scale treatment in Fort Worth, TX. Once we have assessed the health of your plants we can determine the best treatment to restore them. Contact us today at 817-882-6499 for a health assessment of your plants today.