Grape Phylloxera Treatment

One of the most common types of grapes grown in Texas vineyards is Vitis vinifera. Originating from the Mediterranean region, these grapes are a common component in many of the wines made today. Unfortunately, they are also favored by small aphid like pests called phylloxera. These tiny insects like to feed on the root systems of these plants which can lead to stunted growth or decay. We provide grape phylloxera treatment in Fort Worth, TX to protect Texas’ vineyards from infestations. Call us today at 817-882-6499 if you need a plant health assessment!

Symptoms of Phylloxera

Grape Leaf Covered in Galls

These Pests Cause Noticeable Galls to Form on The Leaves of Your Plants.

The insects eating the roots causes the plant to form small, pea-sized galls on the leaves. The galls themselves do not cause any significant damage to the plant. They are, however, important to the phylloxera’s life cycle and used as shelters for eggs to hatch in. The real damage caused by these insects is done to the roots. Severe infestations can cause root necrosis and early defoliation. Damaged roots are also susceptible to infection caused by bacteria or fungus in the soil.

Phylloxera Treatment

Prevention is key when dealing with phylloxera. Because they like to burrow underneath the soil to feed on roots, an insecticide may not be effective in dealing with an infestation. Even successfully ridding plants of the insects may only be temporary because of how easily their population can bounce back. Insecticides used as prevention or a disease resistant variety of V. vinifera are the most effective methods of deterring phylloxera. When you need insecticides or plant treatments, it is always best to consult with a specialist to ensure your plants and trees get the correct care.

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If you grow Vitis vinifera, we can help you with methods of prevention to protect the plants from pests and disease. Get in touch with us for grape phylloxera treatment in Fort Worth, TX for preventative care or to deal with an infestation. Contact Butler Tree Health today by calling 817-882-6499 and schedule a health assessment and care for your plants and trees.