Bagworms Treatment

Bagworms, not to be confused with webworms, are pests that live on evergreen trees. Similar to webworms, these are caterpillars that live off of the leaves on a tree. While webworms will build large web canopies to enclose themselves in, bagworms actually use the foliage around them to build fortified nests. They do this to protect themselves from predators, create a safe space to eat and grow. These are fairly common in Texas and can cause problems for your evergreens if not treated early on. If you have trees with severe damage, contact us at 817-882-6499 about bagworm treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

Do Bagworms Harm Trees?

Bagworm nest

Bagworms Use the Foliage of The Tree to Create Their Shelters

Like webworms, these pests are not typically threatening to trees. If the trees are healthy, any leaf loss caused by the bagworms can be grown back next spring. However, if the tree has a serious infestation, or has been damaged over consecutive years, it may be too stressed to regrow the damaged areas. Stressed trees have a hard time recovering from pests and diseases due to nutrient loss. If your tree is showing signs of weakness, have it treated quickly! While bagworms may not kill a tree, stress can make your tree more susceptible to other pests or even diseases.

Bagworm Treatment

Treating bagworms can be as simple as checking over the tree and removing any ‘bags’ that have been created from the tree’s foliage. By removing the bags, the eggs are removed too so new infestations cannot occur. There are insecticides available for severe cases, but it always best to leave handling these sprays to a professional arborist to ensure the trees, and surrounding plants, are receiving correct treatment.

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Contact Butler Tree Health if you are in need of bagworm treatment in Fort Worth, TX. Our arborist is ISA certified to ensure that your plants and trees get the best care possible. Call 817-882-6499 to set up a health assessment to determine the best course of action needed to return your trees to better health.