Aphids Treatment

Aphids Eating the Leaves of a Young Plant.

A common, but thankfully easy to remedy, issue that affect trees are aphids. These tiny pests love sap and will eat through the leaves of the plant to get to it. It is vital that an aphid infestation is caught early on. While they are easy to treat, a severe infestation could cause irreparable damage to a tree.

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Signs of Aphids

You will be able to notice the signs of an aphid infestation based on the condition of the leaves. As the plant begins to lose nutrients, the leaves will begin to yellow and curl inward. Severe infestations can cause stunted growth as well. Not only can aphids ruin the leaves of a tree, there are other ways they could cause damage.

Aphids create a honeydew from eating plant sap. This can create two problems for your tree. The first issue is honeydew can become a breeding ground for sooty mold. This mold will appear as blackened areas on the leaves of the tree.

Because They are a Common Predator of Aphids, Ladybugs are Great to Have Around.

The other issue is it can create is ant ‘farming’. Ants love honeydew and they’ll stop at nothing to keep a steady supply. This can include protecting aphids from predatory insects such as ladybugs. They will even move aphids to other plants, causing further infestations and potentially spread disease to healthy plants.

The worst damage aphids can cause it by migrating from plant to plant. Since they can be potential carriers of disease, feeding on a sick plant and then moving on to a healthy one could allow for the transfer of a disease. Early treatment of aphids can prevent this.

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