Tree Pest Control and Infestation Treatment

Pest Damaged Leaves

Pests Attack the Leaves or Bark of Trees

Keeping your trees healthy will not only improve your property value but it can deter some of the common issues that trees can face. One of those issues being harmful pests. Insects that can damage trees range from web spinning caterpillars to wood boring beetles. Knowing the signs and symptoms of these pests can save your trees from permanent damage. If you are looking for tree pest control in Fort Worth, TX and proper treatment plans to fortify your trees, call 817-882-6499. Butler Tree Health has been maintaining and caring for trees for many years and can help you nurture your trees back to health.

Common Pests

Below are some of the common pests that may harm your trees. We’ve provided details about what they are, the trees commonly affected, and the best ways to deal with an infestation.

  • Bagworms Bagworms eat the needles of evergreen trees and can result in stress through reoccurring infestations
  • Webworms These caterpillars create unsightly webs in trees and can weaken trees in extreme cases.
  • Wood Borers Wood borers are a nuisance but treating them can be as simple as proper tree care for prevention
  • Emerald Ash Borers These wood boring beetles harm Ash trees and can kill them if not treated properly.
  • Aphids These tiny insects eat the leaves and new parts of trees. Heavy infestations can result in stress.
  • Scale Insects Small bumps on the leaves of your tree may actually be scale insects. These pests can promote mold growth in severe cases.
  • Grape Phylloxera These insects eat the leaves and roots of grape plants which can lead to root rot and stress.

Treatment Options

Bark Spray Treatment

Bark Treatments Can Be Used to Prevent Beetles from Burrowing into Trees

Treatment of pests depends on the severity of an infestation. If the insects are found in early stages of an infestation, managing the health of the tree is much simpler. In some cases, the insects can be removed or careful pruning is all that is needed to protect the tree from further damage. Contact our tree specialists for a custom treatment plan to improve and protect your trees.

Infestation Prevention

The best method of prevention is maintaining healthy trees. A healthy tree has natural defenses against pests and pathogens. But trees that lack nutrients or proper care can become stressed, which makes them susceptible to these issues. If you are unsure about the health of your trees, an arborist can walk you through the necessary care required based on the type of tree, age, and current health. Remember that healthy trees not make your property look nice, it adds value, whereas sick trees can create liability issues if they continue to weaken.

Contact Our Certified Arborist

Talk to our tree care professionals about tree pest control in Fort Worth, TX. We have ISA certification and years of experience caring for trees. You can count on us for knowledgeable treatment of pests and diseases that are afflicting your trees. Contact us at 817-882-6499 to schedule a health assessment and ensure that your trees are healthy and stress-free.