Root Rot Treatment

Are your trees losing leaves or turning brown before autumn? There are many pests and diseases that could harm your trees, including root rot. Most diseases, however, can be treated if caught early enough. If you are in need of root root treatment in Fort Worth, TX for your trees, contact us today. Our ISA certified arborist can provide a plan for care to get your trees back to full health. Call us today at 817-882-6499 to get started.

Causes of Root Rot

Hackberry Roots with Rot

Root Rot Happens When Roots Begin to Degrade from Excess Moisture in The Soil

There are two types of root rot that could affect your trees. Both rely on wet soil conditions. The first is caused by over-saturation of water around the roots causing them to lose needed oxygen and slowly decaying. The decay can begin to spread to healthier roots and kill the tree over time.

The second cause of root rot is caused by certain species of fungus that live in the soil. Spores can grow in wet soil and spread to the the roots of trees. The disease prevents the roots from absorbing water and starts the process of decay.

Root Rot Treatment

Treating root rot depends on how severely the tree is affected. If it is caught early enough, pruning the infected roots can prevent the rot from spreading to healthy roots and nearby trees. Unfortunately, if the rot has already spread through most of the roots, it is best to remove the tree to prevent the disease from spreading.


Prevention is the best way to avoid having to ever deal with root rot. Choosing trees and where to plant them require careful planning. Some trees are hardier than others and have more natural resistance to disease. Consider hiring an arborist for assistance selecting the right trees for your property and the based areas for planting.

Contact Butler Tree Health at 817-882-6499 if you have trees that are showing signs of stress. We provide tree care and root rot treatment in Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding areas. If your trees are unhealthy, our arborist has the experience and training needed to nurse them back to health. Call us today to schedule a health assessment.