Phytophthora Treatment

A common cause of root rot is the pathogen Phytophthora, a water-borne fungus that can quickly spread through the roots of a tree. Once it attacks a tree, it begins to eat away at the roots causing them to rot. As the roots begin to decay, the tree starts to absorb less and less water causing nutrient loss and the tree weakens over time. If your trees are looking unhealthy and don’t show any signs of pests or outward signs of damage, they may be suffering from root rot. Contact Butler Tree Health at 817-882-6499 for Phytophthora treatment in Fort Worth, TX to get your trees back to full health.

Causes of Phytophthora

Plum Tree Root Rot

If Your Trees Are Suffering From Root Rot, We Can Help

Because Phytophthora grows in water, it is more likely to infect plants that do not have proper drainage. The pathogen can grow in standing water in a matter of hours, so any plants that stay wet for a substantial amount of time are at risk. To prevent this, it’s important that trees have enough soil drainage so that the ground dries out during the day. You can consult with our tree specialists to find out more about optimal planting locations for specific tree types to ensure they thrive once planted.

Phytophthora Treatment

In some cases, the soil from around the tree can be moved to allow more air exposure to the main root system. This can give the roots time to dry and will slow down the growth of the Phytophthora in the tree’s root system. Signs that a tree is affected include early leaf drop, die back, and drought-stress even after watering. Unfortunately, there are circumstances where the symptoms are not present until the rot has spread throughout most of the roots.

If you have trees that may be in need of phytophthora treatment in Fort Worth, TX, call 817-882-6499. Our arborist has received advanced training and skill sets through ISA certification. We use this knowledge to help the local community with proper tree care and maintenance. Contact us today to schedule a health assessment customized specifically to your trees and the care they need.