Oak Wilt Treatment & Diagnosis

Oak wilt is a devastating disease that can quickly kill many oak trees in an area. It is unfortunately very common in North Texas and has destroyed many indigenous species of oak trees. If you have oak trees, especially red oak, on your property that are looking unhealthy, call us today at 817-882-6499 for a tree health assessment and possible oak wilt treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

Oak Wilt Infection

Unhealthy Post Oak Tree

Oak Wilt Can Quickly Cause Severe Damage to a Tree

Trees have a vascular system they use to transport water and nutrients through the trunk to the branches, stems, and leaves. When oak wilt infects a tree, it blocks up the vascular system making it impossible for nutrients to move through the tree causing leaf decay, dieback, and eventual death.

Red oaks are the most susceptible to the disease while the bur oak are more resistant to the pathogen. Symptoms include rapid defoliation and what is called veinal necrosis where the veins of leaves start to yellow or brown. Because of how quickly oak wilt spreads, a tree can die of infection in as little as six months.

Oak wilt is spread by interconnected root systems, that oak trees commonly have, which allows it to travel from one tree to another. It is also possible for insects to transmit the disease by traveling from infected red oaks to other trees nearby.

Oak Wilt Treatment

Treatment is needed at the first sign of the disease due to how quickly it can spread to other trees. Infections that are not managed could destroy an entire group of oak trees in urban areas. When dealing with oak wilt, it is important to hire a certified arborist to treat your trees. Oak wilt has to be dealt with carefully to prevent it from spreading to trees nearby. In the case of oak wilt spread, susceptible trees within two city blocks of an infected tree are potential targets of the disease.

If you have red oaks, or any other oak trees that are considered threatened by oak wilt, contact us today about treatment options by calling 817-882-6499. Our ISA certified arborist is available to assist with oak wilt treatment in the Fort Worth, TX area.