Hypoxylon Canker Treatment

Maintaining the health of your trees not only keeps them looking bright and healthy, it prevents disease. One of those is hypoxylon. This fungus invades damaged or dying trees, worsening their condition. If you have sick trees on your property, contact us about treatment options at 817-882-6499. We can provide the necessary care to nurture trees back to health. Give us a call if you need to schedule hypoxylon canker treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

Which Trees Are Most Susceptible?

Damaged Plum Tree Trunk

Proper Care Can Prevent Hypoxylon Infections

Hypoxylon is most commonly found in aspen, oak, and sycamore but can affect a wide variety of shade trees. Because stressed trees are the most susceptible to this disease, proper care should be taken to prevent infection in these types of trees. Stress can take the form of drought conditions, compacted soil around the roots, or an injury caused by landscaping equipment.

It is possible for healthy trees to become infected by hypoxylon, but the fungus will not begin to damage the tree until an injury or other stressors have occurred. Having a tree risk assessment done is a great method of prevention.

Symptoms and Treatment

Symptoms of hypoxylon cankers are visible changes in the bark of the tree. You may notice the bark become discolored or brittle. Serious infections can cause the bark to fall off and cankers to form.

Treating the fungus will depend on how affected the tree is and what caused the infection. If the symptoms are found on limbs or branches, the infected parts can be pruned to stop the fungus from spreading. Once the hypoxylon infection has been removed, the next step will be finding and treating the underlying condition that weakened the tree in the first place.

In most cases, a tree with a severe case of hypoxylon will not survive. If the fungus has already spread to the main trunk, the tree is untreatable because nutrients have already been blocked off from the rest of the tree.

Contact our ISA certified arborist for more information about hypoxylon canker treatment in Fort Worth, TX. As with many tree diseases, treatment at the first signs of stress is vital. Call us at 817-882-6499 to schedule a health assessment and care for your trees today!