Fire Blight Treatment

Pear Tree Orchard

Pome Fruit Trees are Susceptible to Fire Blight

If you have fruit trees, they could be susceptible to fire blight. Fire blight is caused by a bacterium called Erwinia amylovora. It is a destructive disease that can affect pome fruit trees. The disease develops in warmer temperatures in the spring when the bacteria multiplies and spreads further into the tree. Without proper treatment, the infection can spread and eventually kill the tree. If you are concerned about fire blight affecting your trees, contact us today at 817-882-6499 for a tree health assessment. We are available for fire blight treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

How do you treat fire blight?

The first step in fire blight treatment is to assess the health of the tree. We can determine how far the fire blight has spread in the branches of the trees and then prune infected branches. Removing the infected areas from trees suffering from fire blight can keep it from spreading throughout the tree and killing it. This can also prevent fire blight from infecting the surrounding trees. Sprays are useful for added protection to keep healthy trees from being infected.

Is there a cure for fire blight?

There is no cure for fire blight but it is possible to prevent it from spreading by pruning infected areas of damaged trees. If caught early, we simply have to trim away affected branches to keep the bacteria from spreading further into the tree. If the damage is severe, the tree may have to be removed to prevent the spread of disease to other trees on the property.

How is fire blight spread?

Damaged Trees Must Be Cared For Quickly to Stop the Spread of the Disease.

Fire blight can spread from infected trees to healthy ones in a multitude of ways. Nature such as wind and rain could cause it to spread. Pruning tools used on infected trees could infect healthy trees if not they are not cleaned properly. The sap of infected trees attracts insect pollinators which could then spread the bacterium to healthy plants.

If you need fire blight treatment in Fort Worth, TX, contact us today at 817-882-6499. Our ISA certified arborist can do a health assessment of your trees and remove any infected branches to stop the spread of the disease.