Brown Rot Fungus Treatment

If you have fruit trees, you may already be aware of brown rot and the effects it can have on your plants. It is a common ailment of stone fruit trees that could destroy crops if left untreated. Do you need your trees treated for brown rot fungus in the Fort Worth, TX area? Contact us at 817-882-6499 for quality tree care and disease treatments.

What Causes Brown Rot?

Cherries Growing on a Cherry Tree

Keeping Your Fruit Trees Healthy Can Protect Them from Brown Rot

Brown rot is a fungus Monolina fructicula that often affects fruit trees in wet, humid conditions in the early spring. Trees that were previously healthy stand a good chance of surviving this disease as long as it is carefully treated. Brown rot is actually very easy to identify and prevent. A common sign of rot is blossoms that are wilted and brown. This is usually a sign of rot in its earliest stages. Other symptoms include: Fruits with spots of rot or completely rotted, dark spots on new plant growth including shoots and leaves, and gray spores on the surface of rotted fruit.

Which Trees are Affected Most?

Brown rot fungus affects most kinds of stone fruit trees including cherries, peaches, and plums. There are some tree species that are resistant to brown rot including Harglow Apricots.

If you are considering planting fruit trees, call us today! We can help you find the best location for planting and choose hardy plants that are less susceptible to fungus and pathogens.

Brown Rot Treatment and Prevention

Plum Trees are One of the Stone-Fruit Trees Affected By Brown Rot

Treatment of brown rot fungus entails the removal of infected fruit and plant material. It is important to throw out infected fruit because the fungus can survive long enough to cause another infection. Pruning the infected shoots and leaves of a tree can stop the infection from spreading through the plant and reduce the chance of it infecting other trees nearby.

To prevent brown rot, make sure that your trees are planted in an area that has full sun exposure during the growing season. Prune them, or have them professionally pruned, to ensure there is plenty of air circulation. Full sun and open air circulation promotes an environment that brown rot cannot grow in and keeps your plants healthier.

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