Bacterial Slime Flux Treatment

Have you noticed a smelly, sticky liquid coming from your tree? It could have slime flux. This bacteria is usually not harmful to healthy trees, but if your tree is showing signs of stress it may need some extra care. Contact us today at 817-882-6499 if you need professional slime flux treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

What is Slime Flux?

Oak tree with slime flux

Slime Flux is a Common Problem for Oaks and Elm Trees

Slime flux is a bacterial disease that infects wounded trees. It starts growing inside the inner tree and goes through a fermenting process that can cause a smelly ooze to seep from cracks or opening in the tree trunk. Trees that are most commonly affected by slime flux include ash, cottonwood, elm, and oak trees.

Slime Flux Treatment

There currently is no cure for slime flux. However, the bacteria is rarely threatening to a thriving tree. If you have a tree with slime flux, the best thing to do is to keep it healthy. Fertilizing can stimulate growth and help reduce the bacteria inside the tree. Spraying off any bacterial ooze on the outside of the tree can cut down on the number of insects attracted to it.

If your tree starts to show signs of stress, including dieback or leaf drop, contact us for slime flux treatment. We can determine what your tree requires to boost its health and prevent further damage from stress and pests.

Prevention Methods

The bacteria can get into a tree via wounds. To prevent slime flux from infecting your tree, it is important to use care when pruning your tree or using lawn equipment around the trunk. Any wounds to the tree can create an opening for the bacteria to gather and grow.

If you have trees that are showing signs of stress or insect infestation due to this bacterial infection, contact us today. We provide slime flux treatment in Fort Worth, TX. Our arborist can put together a plan for care to bring life back to your tree and reduce the effects of the bacteria so it can grow again. Call us today at 817-882-6499 to schedule an appointment.