Anthracnose Treatment

Anthracnose is a disease that can destroy the leaves of a tree. It has a variety of symptoms though the most common ones are brown or tan spots on leaves and early leaf drop. Anthracnose does not usually cause severe damage to trees. As long as it is treated early on, trees can stay healthy. However, if a tree has anthracnose for several years in a row, stress can increase and make it more susceptible to pests. If you need anthacnose treatment in Fort Worth, TX, contact Butler Tree Health today at 817-882-6499.

What Causes Anthracnose?

Symptoms of Anthracnose Include Early Leaf Drop in The Spring

Anthracnose is a term used for multiple types of fungi that are common plant pathogens. Infections usually take place in damp, wet conditions which is the ideal environment for the fungi to grow in.

What Trees are Affected by Anthracnose?

Some of the most affected trees include ash, azalea, maple, oak, and sycamore. Since infections usually start in the spring, the newest growth on the plant is affected the most. In most cases, once the weather is dry and warm, the fungus will stop spreading and the tree will shed the damaged leaves.

You can determine whether your tree has anthracnose based on the health of the leaves. Infected leaves will have tan or brown spots and may have started to curl. A severe infection may cause significant leaf drop in the spring.

Anthracnose Treatment

Again, anthracnose does not have a direct impact on the health of your tree. When it goes untreated, your tree will gradually weaken over the years and become susceptible to other diseases and pests which could ultimately kill it. In order to prevent anthracnose, it is important to prune heavily damaged shoots from a tree and gather up any dead leaves and stems in the fall. The disease can survive on dead leaves through the winter and infect the tree again in the spring.

If you are concerned that your trees may be unhealthy, contact us today. Our certified arborist can do a full health assessment to determine the cause. Call 817-882-6499 if you need anthracnose treatment in Fort Worth, TX. We can start a treatment plan to strengthen your trees and prevent further disease.