Storm Damage To Trees

Fallen Tree Branch Caused By Severe Wind.

To Prevent Storm Damaged Trees, Follow These Tips!

While we typically get our homes ready for severe storms, we tend to forget about trees and other parts of our yard. While trees are strong, serious winds can be too much for them. The biggest damages to a tree after a storm are broken branches, tree trunks, and twigs. It’s important that if your area is susceptible to storms during the spring in the summer, you have a way to protect your trees from strong winds. Not only will it keep your tree alive, but you can reduce the possibility of power outages, damages to your property, and risk of safety. Find out how to prevent storm damaged trees in your front and backyard.

How To Protect Trees From Strong Winds

  • Pruning: While this might not seem like it could do much, but getting rid of weakened branches out and thinning out the canopy of the tree a bit will reduce some of the wind damage.
  • Support Stakes: Stakes are installed in order to get a stronger root support. When your roots are strong, it will be harder for the tree to be uprooted when there are severe winds.
  • Covers: Covers aren’t just used to protect trees from frost and ice, they can also be used to protect them from high winds.
  • Adequate Watering: In order for a tree to be strong enough to withstand harsh winds, it is important that it gets proper watering. This should always be done before a storm ever hits.

If your home and property have been damaged, it’s time to get help. Water damage cleanup in Fort Worth, TX can be useful for the inside of your home, whereas tree planting services can replace storm damaged trees. Call Butler Tree Health at 817-882-6499 to get services for your trees that have been damaged by a storm.