Protecting Your Trees From Root Girdling

Root Girdling

Exposing Your Tree Flair is a Great Way to Reduce Moisture from Curling Roots.

When trees are purchased from your local Home Depot, Lowes, etc., they’re often stored in a bucket or container. This causes their roots to form in a circular pattern, which can continue even after the tree has been planted at your home. As the roots grow and wrap around the trunk, the tree can actually start to choke itself. This growth pattern is called root girdling, and it can eventually result in the death of your tree.

Why is Girdling Harmful to a Tree?

Girdling roots can create a number of problems for trees, including:

  • Stability Issues and Collapsing
  • Thinning Around the Treetop
  • Increased Risk of Disease and Insect Activity
  • Poor Nutrient Distribution
  • Eventual Tree Failure

Roots are meant to extend outward from the trunk, creating stability and expanding its bank of nutrients. When roots begin to wrap around the tree instead, it chokes nutrient flow towards the top of the tree, which causes thinning. It also traps moisture against the base of the trunk, inviting creatures and diseases to consume it.

How Do You Fix a Tree Which Has Been Girdled?

Thankfully, homeowners that act quickly enough can stop this root girdling by having the affected roots pruned away. This has to be done early on however, as developed roots are extremely difficult to fix one they become intertwined. Root pruning services are also useful protecting your main water line from excessive root pressure. If you suspect your tree roots may have ruptured one of your main lines, you’ll want to call a local Fort Worth plumbing inspection service. You also can prevent much of the moisture retention by ensuring your root flares are exposed at the surface.

Call for Professional Tree Root Pruning!

Do you need root pruning services for one or more of your property’s trees? We also offer helpful solutions for protecting your trees against other harmful diseases, such as chlorosis and root rot. Give the Butler Tree Health team a call at 817-882-6499 to schedule your tree care!