How To Properly Care For Your Tree

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Proper Watering Techniques Are Important Parts In The Care For Your Tree

Ever step under a tree only to step in what feels like sludge? You look down and your foot is covered in mud because the water from a recent storm hasn’t been able to evaporate under the shade of the tree. While this situation is gross to you, it can actually be fatal to the tree. Pathogens called phytophthora live in that water and soak into the tree’s roots, causing them to rot. Phytophthora happens to trees when they get too much water, either from overzealous overwatering or natural occurrences like floods. Flood restoration can help remove the excess water to prevent any more of the pathogen from growing on the tree, but the tree will still require phytophthora treatment to rid the fungus for good. For proper water control of your tree, call Butler Tree Health at 817-882-6499 for help in learning how to properly care for your tree in Fort Worth, TX.

How To Tell If You Are Overwatering Your Tree

  • Your soil should be moist, but there should be no visible ponding of water. About thirty seconds of watering is enough.
  • Mulch helps your soil and trees retain moisture and prevents tree drought stress.
  • While there is nothing you can do if sudden rainstorms shower your yard, you can care for your tree by not adding any more water to it. It’s like continuing to eat when you’re full.
  • Heavy rains can actually help your trees, as many trees have roots that don’t go deep enough underground or slant off sideways. Heavy rains sink into the soil and allow the deprived roots to get some moisture.