How Do You Keep a Tree From Freezing?

A Picture of Wooden Bark Around Trees for Mulching

Mulching Trees Is Essential for Winter Tree Care and Maintenance.

When the winter months come, we tend to see leaves falling off of trees. Whenever this happens, there is no need to panic, as the trees are preparing themselves for the wintertime. In addition to shedding their leaves, how do trees prepare for winter? Just like animals go into hibernation, so can trees, but we call that dormancy, which will keep a tree alive throughout the winter season. Everything within a tree such as growth, energy, and even metabolism come to a halt during the winter time, which is the beginning of dormancy. The first phase of dormancy is that the tree will stop growing and begin to preserve some energy, then the leaves will begin to fall. Since the trees are lying dormant and aren’t growing, a lot of people always can a tree freeze to death? Trees will typically freeze at 20 or 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but as long as the living cells in the tree are okay, then you don’t ever have to worry about your tree freezing to death. However, if you really are concerned about your tree freezing, then there are a couple of steps you can take.

The first step you will want to take is to cover your trees up with sheets or tarps made of burlap. While this might seem counterintuitive, if you water your tree, you can prevent the tree from freezing. The thought is that if the leaves on the tree ice over, there will be enough moisture in them to avoid the tree from becoming dehydrated and susceptible to freezing. Other things that you can do are remove weeds around the tree, add mulch to insulate roots and reduce dehydration. Tree care and maintenance during the winter are very important, as it keeps your tree and good condition and prevents it from freezing to death. Knowing how to take care tree during and after the winter can really ensure your tree is as healthy as can be.

Tree Care for Winter

A Man Pruning a Tree

Pruning Your Trees for Winter is Also a Great Tree Care and Maintenance Task.

A lot of people ask, “What does a tree do in order to survive winter?” and the answer is that it will have to go through dormancy in order to survive. As stated before, this is when the tree goes into a sort of hibernation and quits producing energy, will stop growing, and the metabolism of the tree will slow down significantly. Although living things need water to survive, there is the threat that a tree can freeze and potentially die. That’s why many people ask, “Should trees be watered in the winter?” While its rare that a tree is going to freeze to death, it can happen, which makes people very wary to water their trees. When it rains, there is nothing much we can do about that, but for people who want to ensure their tree is in good condition, they can keep watering their trees up until they experience the first freeze of the season. After that first freeze, you might only water your tree only once a month. Make sure that when you do water it, though, that it gets adequate water. Because it’s only being watered once per month, it will need a good source of water for the entire month.

Knowing how tree care can affect your tree in the winter is important because while the tree itself is in dormancy, that doesn’t mean that tree care and maintenance for the tree should stop. While tree care and maintenance are important, how can we protect trees in winter? There are a couple of things we can do in order to protect your tree against the cold and harsh weather of winter.

  • Winter Pruning: Not only do you want to ensure your tree is healthy and strong to survive the winter months, you want to make sure your home is protected. You are able to do this by having your trees pruned. Pruning trees will remove any dead branches, twigs, or leaves, but will also make sure that branches that could potentially fall on your home during high winds are removed.
  • Add Mulch: In order to keep the soil hydrated and protect your trees roots, you will want to add mulch to the ground. You don’t have to add it right against the tree trunk, but you can add it where the branches and leaves start to droop down. You should add mulch when you’ve had the first freeze of the season, as that will prevent animals from making their nest in the mulch.
  • Keep Trees Hydrated: You will want to help your tree out with water so that it doesn’t become too dehydrated in the winter season. Trees have a supply of water, but if they don’t have enough, they run the risk of dehydrating. You will want to water your trees pretty regularly until the ground freezes, then you can switch to watering once a month.
  • Wrap Tree Trunks: Using burlap sheets and tarps can ensure the tree’s trunk doesn’t get damage from frost or cracks, or from animals who are eating the bark during the winter.
  • Animal Protection: On top of wrapping the tree trunks up, you might consider adding meshed wire at the base of the tree. This is to keep the animals from eating the bark of the tree and damaging it.

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