Deep Root Fertilization in Fort Worth, TX

Trees planted in urban and suburban areas often need additional help to establish themselves and grow properly. In these areas the top soil is often removed, covered with fill dirt, or compacted during construction. The soil that remains is either lacking in minerals, nutrients, organic material necessary for the trees to continue growing or they are unavailable to plant roots due to soil structure. We provide deep root fertilization in Fort Worth, TX to improve the health of trees that are lacking needed nutrients. Contact us today, 817-882-6499, to schedule an assessment and treatment of your trees.

The Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization Can Improve the Health and Life of Your Trees

Deep root fertilization is one of the best ways to add the proper mineral, nutrients, and organic material directly to the root zone of trees and shrubs. A soil probe with a four hole tip breaks through compacted dirt to deliver the liquid fertilizer solution into the soil closer to the tree roots, below the majority of grass roots. The solution is added to the root area under pressure so more oxygen is introduced and to break up and de-compact the soil for better, healthier root growth not only for your tree, but even for the property in general. Depending on the overall health of the tree and the level of soil compaction, it is recommended that you schedule deep root fertilization annually.

The minerals, nutrients, and organic material added to the liquid fertilizer solution will be specific to the needs of your individual tree(s) or property. To determine the best solution for your plants, we will perform a health assessment so we can be sure to supply you with the best treatment based on what your trees need.

Contact Our Certified Arborist

If your trees are looking weak or unhealthy, contact us today for a tree health assessment. If the trees are lacking necessary nutrients then we have the solutions you need! Call 817-882-6499 or email us if you need to schedule deep root fertilization in Fort Worth, TX or the surrounding area.You can count on our specialists for quality care and maintenance of your trees.