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How To Properly Care For Your Tree

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Proper Watering Techniques Are Important Parts In The Care For Your Tree

Ever step under a tree only to step in what feels like sludge? You look down and your foot is covered in mud because the water from a recent storm hasn’t been able to evaporate under the shade of the tree. While this situation is gross to you, it can actually be fatal to the tree. Pathogens called phytophthora live in that water and soak into the tree’s roots, causing them to rot. Phytophthora happens to trees when they get too much water, either from overzealous overwatering or natural occurrences like floods. Flood restoration can help remove the excess water to prevent any more of the pathogen from growing on the tree, but the tree will still require phytophthora treatment to rid the fungus for good. For proper water control of your tree, call Butler Tree Health at 817-882-6499 for help in learning how to properly care for your tree in Fort Worth, TX.

How To Tell If You Are Overwatering Your Tree

  • Your soil should be moist, but there should be no visible ponding of water. About thirty seconds of watering is enough.
  • Mulch helps your soil and trees retain moisture and prevents tree drought stress.
  • While there is nothing you can do if sudden rainstorms shower your yard, you can care for your tree by not adding any more water to it. It’s like continuing to eat when you’re full.
  • Heavy rains can actually help your trees, as many trees have roots that don’t go deep enough underground or slant off sideways. Heavy rains sink into the soil and allow the deprived roots to get some moisture.

Storm Damage To Trees

Fallen Tree Branch Caused By Severe Wind.

To Prevent Storm Damaged Trees, Follow These Tips!

While we typically get our homes ready for severe storms, we tend to forget about trees and other parts of our yard. While trees are strong, serious winds can be too much for them. The biggest damages to a tree after a storm are broken branches, tree trunks, and twigs. It’s important that if your area is susceptible to storms during the spring in the summer, you have a way to protect your trees from strong winds. Not only will it keep your tree alive, but you can reduce the possibility of power outages, damages to your property, and risk of safety. Find out how to prevent storm damaged trees in your front and backyard.

How To Protect Trees From Strong Winds

  • Pruning: While this might not seem like it could do much, but getting rid of weakened branches out and thinning out the canopy of the tree a bit will reduce some of the wind damage.
  • Support Stakes: Stakes are installed in order to get a stronger root support. When your roots are strong, it will be harder for the tree to be uprooted when there are severe winds.
  • Covers: Covers aren’t just used to protect trees from frost and ice, they can also be used to protect them from high winds.
  • Adequate Watering: In order for a tree to be strong enough to withstand harsh winds, it is important that it gets proper watering. This should always be done before a storm ever hits.

If your home and property have been damaged, it’s time to get help. Water damage cleanup in Fort Worth, TX can be useful for the inside of your home, whereas tree planting services can replace storm damaged trees. Call Butler Tree Health at 817-882-6499 to get services for your trees that have been damaged by a storm.

Protecting Your Trees From Root Girdling

Root Girdling

Exposing Your Tree Flair is a Great Way to Reduce Moisture from Curling Roots.

When trees are purchased from your local Home Depot, Lowes, etc., they’re often stored in a bucket or container. This causes their roots to form in a circular pattern, which can continue even after the tree has been planted at your home. As the roots grow and wrap around the trunk, the tree can actually start to choke itself. This growth pattern is called root girdling, and it can eventually result in the death of your tree.

Why is Girdling Harmful to a Tree?

Girdling roots can create a number of problems for trees, including:

  • Stability Issues and Collapsing
  • Thinning Around the Treetop
  • Increased Risk of Disease and Insect Activity
  • Poor Nutrient Distribution
  • Eventual Tree Failure

Roots are meant to extend outward from the trunk, creating stability and expanding its bank of nutrients. When roots begin to wrap around the tree instead, it chokes nutrient flow towards the top of the tree, which causes thinning. It also traps moisture against the base of the trunk, inviting creatures and diseases to consume it.

How Do You Fix a Tree Which Has Been Girdled?

Thankfully, homeowners that act quickly enough can stop this root girdling by having the affected roots pruned away. This has to be done early on however, as developed roots are extremely difficult to fix one they become intertwined. Root pruning services are also useful protecting your main water line from excessive root pressure. If you suspect your tree roots may have ruptured one of your main lines, you’ll want to call a local Fort Worth plumbing inspection service. You also can prevent much of the moisture retention by ensuring your root flares are exposed at the surface.

Call for Professional Tree Root Pruning!

Do you need root pruning services for one or more of your property’s trees? We also offer helpful solutions for protecting your trees against other harmful diseases, such as chlorosis and root rot. Give the Butler Tree Health team a call at 817-882-6499 to schedule your tree care!

Does Your Tree Need a Health Assessment?

This may sound like a strange question to ask about a tree, but just like many other things get sick, trees are no exception. There are many things that can go wrong with your tree and if you suddenly notice it starting to die or not produce they amount of leaves that it normally would, something might be wrong. It is important that went something like this begins to happen, that you call a professional who will be able to look over your tree and run tests to see what is going on. Nobody wants a dead tree in their yard and especially if you have several large trees that have been there for a long time. If it is sick, it can spread it through your yard so it is smart to stop the problem before it gets out of hand.

Signs To Lookout For

  • Small trees that are sagging or have fallen over
  • Trees and plants surrounding not growing the way they should
  • Damage to the tree itself
  • Bugs all over the tree
  • Mushrooms growing around the tree
  • White patches on the tree

If you look at your tree and realize that something is wrong with it, there is help that can be done. Make sure to call someone out sooner than later so that the tree can potentially be saved. At Butler Tree Health, we care about your plants. Give us a call at 817-882-6499, today.

Why Should You Hire an Arborist?

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Arborists Can Maintain and Care For Your Trees

Whether you need assistance with general tree care or have trees in poor health, there are many benefits to hiring an arborist. Proper tree care can improve your property value and reduce the liability caused by unhealthy trees. Because they specialist in tree care, arborists have the knowledge and expertise to work on many aspects of tree care:

Pruning – This is required for many trees, not only for maintaining the helath of the tree but for safety purposes. Arborists have the tools necessary for pruning and extensive training on how to do it properly. Climbing up in a tree can be risky so it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

Planting – If you are considering adding some new trees to your property an arborist can come in handy! Not only can they help you select the best species based on the location and soil conditions, most will do the planting for you. They can make sure that your young trees have enough space and the correct environment to grow in.

Tree Health – Arborists also offer many health services including preventative care against pests and disease and soil treatments. Trees need good soil in order to get enough nutrients. Because of this, certified arborist can aerate soil or add fertilizers to improve the soil for healthier trees.

If you are considering hiring a ceritified arborist in Fort Worth, TX, contact Butler Tree Health today at 817-882-6499! Our arborist has certification and training through the ISA, so you can trust that your property is in good hands!