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We Provide Local Tree Care in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

With the assistance of our ISA certified arborist, you can keep your trees healthy and protected from infections. Our job is to secure and nurture the trees that live in the Fort Worth area. When you need assistance with tree care, choosing a new tree to plant, or want to improve some of your existing trees, we’d be happy to assist you! Get in touch with Butler Tree Health today at 817-882-6499 to set up service with our certified arborist in Watauga, TX.

Tree Care

Trees that grow in urban locations are more likely to become stressed, which opens them up to issues like pests. Because of this, we supply tree care services in Watauga, TX to aid and protect the local trees. Using optimal methods of care, our specialists can boost the natural defenses of trees and rid them of pests. Give us a call at 817-882-6499 to set up a tree health assessment today.

  • Tree Health Assessment Health assessments are required to determine illnesses but can also help with general upkeep.
  • Deep Root Fertilization The soil quality will decide whether your tree has enough nutrients. Deep root fertilization can help.
  • Root Pruning Root pruning and flare exposure improves the condition of trees that were planted improperly.
  • Tree Growth Regulators One of the many benefits of growth regulators is a strengthened, healthier root network.

Deep Root Fertilization

Nutrient deficiencies is one of the frequent triggers of tree stress. Through deep root fertilization, our arborist can nourish weakened trees to grow again. This fertilization method doesn’t only give the tree additional nutrients but also enhances the oxygen levels of the soil. Set up an assessment with our arborist if you require deep root fertilization in Watauga, TX.

Tree Disease Treatment

We work hard to protect our local trees from devastating disease. If your tree is showing signs of stress or symptoms of a sickness, we can help! Receiving the help of a tree specialist is vital when dealing with disease. Call our tree specialist at 817-882-6499 to get started on tree disease treatment in Watauga, TX.

  • Oak Wilt Red oak trees are the most vulnerable to this infection of all the local species of oak .
  • Anthracnose This pathogen causes brown spots or blotches on the leaves of a tree.
  • Hypoxylon Canker Keep your shade trees well watered to deter hypoxylon infections.
  • Powdery Mildew This fungus makes a powdery looking mildew that spreads across leaves.
  • Root Rot Too much water can cause a lack of oxygen in the roots which could decay.
  • Chlorosis Iron deficiency is a common cause of chlorosis which results in yellowing leaves.
  • Fire Blight This bacteria can spread rapidly through fruit trees so treatment is needed immediately.
  • Leaf Spot Leaf spot is a generic name used to describe diseases that infect leaves.

Oak Wilt Treatment

Oak wilt is a common pathogen that plagues oak trees in the DFW area. It has detrimental effects on the trees and stopping the spread of infection is challenging. Preventative treatment is necessary for healthy trees even when the nearest infection is a block away. If there are any oak trees on your land, contact Butler Tree Health at 817-882-6499 about prevention methods. We can assist you with oak wilt treatments and the prevention processes provided to defend your trees against this disease.

Tree Pest Control

There are many types of insects in the DFW area that can harm trees. Checking your trees for indicators of these harmful pests can help avoid irreparable damage to your trees. Our certified specialist is on hand for tree health consultations and tree pest control in Watauga, TX. Schedule an assessment of your trees with our specialist today by calling 817-882-6499.

  • Bagworms Bagworms create nests out of tree foliage to shield it from predators.
  • Webworms Webworms create nests of webs to live in and stay protected from predators.
  • Wood Borers Wood borers usually only attack trees that are stressed or unhealthy.
  • Emerald Ash Borers If your ash trees are showing signs of wood borers they will need immediate treatment.
  • Aphids Aphids live on and eat leaves of a tree and can attract other pests.
  • Scale Insects Scale insects typically resemble tiny bumps on the bottom of leaves.

You can ensure that your trees continue to flourish with the aid of our certified arborist. Trees that are healthy and strong not only look fantastic but can increase land value. Call 817-882-6499 now when you require a certified tree specialist in Watauga, TX. Our arborist is available for tree health assessments, surveys, and even planting services to start a new tree out right.