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Large Healthy Oak Tree

We Provide Local Tree Care in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

With the help of our ISA certified arborist, you can keep your trees healthy and guarded against infections. We do our best to keep the local tree populations of Fort Worth healthy with quality care. If you want to plant new trees, safeguard your existing trees, or improve your tree maintenance process, we are here to help! Get in touch with us today at 817-882-6499 to set up service with our certified arborist in Roanoke, TX.

Tree Care

Unfortunately, trees in urban areas are commonly affected by stress which can result in more complicated problems later on. Because of this, we offer tree care services in Roanoke, TX to help protect our local trees. Our arborist has the knowledge and training necessary to rid trees of pests and increase their natural defenses. Call 817-882-6499 to set up a tree health assessment and start improving your trees now.

  • Tree Health Assessment Health assessments are required to determine disease but can even help with general upkeep.
  • Deep Root Fertilization We utilize deep root fertilization to improve the nutrient intake in the tree roots.
  • Root Pruning Root pruning and flare exposure improves the health of trees that were planted improperly.
  • Tree Growth Regulators Slowing down growth of large trees can give them additional energy to bolster natural defenses instead.

Deep Root Fertilization

A common contributor of stress is inadequate nutrients. Using our deep root fertilization treatments, our tree specialists can make a stressed tree flourish once more. Root fertilization increases the amount of nutrients available and even decompacts soil bringing more oxygen to the roots as well. If you need our arborist to apply deep root fertilization in Roanoke, TX, schedule an assessment today.

Tree Disease Treatment

Insect and disease prevention is one of our first concerns to protect trees against damage. If you find symptoms of stress or disease on your trees, we are available to assist! It is crucial to get the assistance of an experienced arborist when working with a sick tree. Give us a call today at 817-882-6499 to schedule tree disease treatment in Roanoke, TX.

  • Oak Wilt This disease is common in North Texas and can cause irreparable damage to oak trees.
  • Anthracnose Have you noticed brownish tan splotches on your leaves? It might be a symptom of anthracnose.
  • Hypoxylon Canker Ensure that your shade trees get sufficient water to prevent this infection.
  • Powdery Mildew This infection causes a powdery looking layer to appear on the leaves of a tree.
  • Root Rot Less oxygen get to the roots of a tree when there is not enough soil drainage.
  • Chlorosis Nutrient deficiencies could make the tree lose chlorophyll making the leaves yellow.
  • Fire Blight This bacteria can infect and spread fast through pome fruit trees in warm, humid weather.
  • Leaf Spot Leaf spot is a generic name used to describe diseases that infect leaves.

Oak Wilt Treatment

Oak wilt is one of the more common diseases we see affecting trees in the Fort Worth area. It is a serious illness that spreads quickly through oak trees and most do not recover. Preventative treatment is required for healthy trees even if the closest case is farther than block away. If you have any oak trees on your property, call us now at 817-882-6499 about oak wilt prevention. Our arborist can treat your trees to secure them against an oak wilt infection.

Tree Pest Control

The Fort Worth area plays host to many invasive species of insects. Keeping an look out for indications of these tree insects can reduce the possibility of infestations damaging your trees. Our certified arborist is available for tree health assessments and tree pest control in Roanoke, TX. Get a thorough health assessment for your trees done by our certified arborist by calling 817-882-6499.

  • Bagworms Bagworms live in trees, creating ‘bags’ as protective nests.
  • Webworms These caterpillars spin large webs to create shelters as they feed on the tree.
  • Wood Borers Trees that are living in stressful conditions are most susceptible to wood borers.
  • Emerald Ash Borers These beetles only target ash species including white ash.
  • Aphids Aphids destroy the leaves of trees and attract other invasive tree pests.
  • Scale Insects Scale insects typically resemble tiny bumps on the bottom of leaves.

Make sure your trees are flourishing and defended against infections by working with our arborist. Not only does keeping your trees healthy give them stronger natural defenses, but it can increase your land value as well! Call 817-882-6499 today if you require a certified tree specialist in Roanoke, TX. We provide services, including health assessments and treatments, so your trees remain healthy and protected against infections and pests.