Certified Arborist in Dalworthington Gardens, TX

Large Healthy Oak Tree

We Provide Local Tree Care in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

The certified arborist at Butler Tree Health is on hand to help your trees thrive and stay guarded to counter sickness or infestation. We strive to bring excellent care to the native trees in the Fort Worth community! When you want help with tree care, choosing a new tree to plant, or would like to improve some of your existing trees, we’d be happy to assist you! Contact us today at 817-882-6499 for the assistance of a certified arborist in Dalworthington Gardens, TX.

Tree Care

Unfortunately, trees in urban areas are frequently affected by stress which can result in more complicated issues later on. Which is why we offer expert tree care services in the Dalworthington Gardens, TX area. Using our services, we can aid in improving the natural defenses of trees and get rid of damaging insects. Give us a call at 817-882-6499 to set up a consultation now.

  • Tree Health Assessment We offer assessments to determine the welfare and needs of your trees.
  • Deep Root Fertilization When your trees have nutrient deficiencies, deep root fertilization can help immensely.
  • Root Pruning Root pruning and flare exposure improves the health of trees that were planted improperly.
  • Tree Growth Regulators Improve the overall durability of a large, mature tree with growth regulators.

Deep Root Fertilization

A frequent cause of stress is poor nutrient intake. Using deep root fertilization, our arborist can nourish weakened trees to grow again. This fertilization process doesn’t only give the tree additional nutrients but also improves the oxygen levels of the soil. Contact us now to set up deep root fertilization in Dalworthington Gardens, TX.

Tree Disease Treatment

Pest and disease prevention is one of our first concerns to safeguard trees against damage. When you see injuries or indications of stress on your tree, contact us! It is important to have the assistance of an trained arborist when caring for a sick tree. Call Butler Tree Health at 817-882-6499 to get started on tree disease treatment in Dalworthington Gardens, TX.

  • Oak Wilt This disease is prevalent in North Texas and can cause irreparable damage to oak trees.
  • Anthracnose A common sign of anthracnose is brown or tan splotches on leaves.
  • Hypoxylon Canker This pathogen typically attacks tree that are suffering from drought stress.
  • Powdery Mildew This disease looks like a white powder on leaves of a plant.
  • Root Rot Too much water can cause a lack of oxygen in the roots which then decay.
  • Chlorosis Yellowing leaves on your tree might be caused by insufficient nutrients causing a shortage of chlorophyll.
  • Fire Blight This disease creates a scorched look along the edges of leaves.
  • Leaf Spot Leaf spot refers to bacteria or fungus that spreads in humid conditions and makes marks on leaves.

Oak Wilt Treatment

A common disease seen in the Fort Worth area is a fungus that causes oak wilt. It is a serious illness that spreads quickly through oak trees and many do not survive. The area of infection is so large, an infected tree could be a danger to healthy trees even as far as block away. If there are any oak trees on your land, call us at 817-882-6499 about prevention methods. We can assist you with oak wilt treatments and the prevention processes available to defend your trees from this disease.

Tree Pest Control

There are many insects that frequently infest native trees. You can safeguard your trees by looking out for indications of these damaging insects. Call Butler Tree Health if you need a trained tree care professional for tree pest control in Dalworthington Gardens, TX. Start with a tree health assessment by calling us at 817-882-6499 today and talking with our certified arborist.

  • Bagworms Bagworms get their name from creating bag-like shelters in trees.
  • Webworms These caterpillars spin large webs to create shelters as they feed on the tree.
  • Wood Borers Wood borers usually only attack trees that are stressed or unhealthy.
  • Emerald Ash Borers Ash trees are the targets of these invasive wood boring beetles.
  • Aphids Harmless in fewer numbers, these tiny insects eat through the leaves of trees while attracting other pests.
  • Scale Insects Scale insects usually resemble tiny bumps on the underside of leaves.

You can ensure that your trees constantly flourish with the assistance of our trained arborist. When you maintain healthy trees, not only are they more robust but they can even add to your property value. Call 817-882-6499 today if you need a certified tree specialist in Dalworthington Gardens, TX. We can supply health assessments and the proper care required to keep your trees healthy and flourishing.