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We Provide Local Tree Care in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

The certified arborist at Butler Tree Health is on hand to help your trees grow and stay guarded against sickness or infestation. We work hard to keep the native tree populations of Fort Worth fortified with quality care. If you want assistance with tree care, choosing a new tree to plant, or would like to improve some of your existing trees, we are happy to assist you! Get in touch with us by calling 817-882-6499 to set up a consultation with our certified arborist in Colleyville, TX.

Tree Care

Unfortunately, trees in urban areas are frequently impacted by stress which can result in more complicated problems later on. To secure the local trees from stress, Butler Tree Health offers tree care services in Colleyville, TX. Using optimal measures of care, our specialists can boost the natural defenses of trees and rid them of pests. Get in touch with us by calling 817-882-6499 to start professional tree care today.

  • Tree Health Assessment Health assessments are required for determining illnesses but can even help with general care.
  • Deep Root Fertilization The soil quality will decide whether your tree gets enough nutrients. Deep root fertilization can help.
  • Root Pruning Root pruning is a great way to prevent girdling roots before it damages the tree.
  • Tree Growth Regulators Slowing the woody growth on large trees can enable more energy to be directed towards strengthening the roots.

Deep Root Fertilization

Nutrient deficiencies is one of the frequent culprits of stress in trees. Our arborist can bring stressed trees back to life using deep root fertilization treatments. Root fertilization increases nutrient intake and even breaks up compacted soil bringing more oxygen to the roots too. To schedule deep root fertilization in Colleyville, TX, contact Butler Tree Health’s certified arborist.

Tree Disease Treatment

We work hard to guard our local trees from devastating disease. When you discover damage or signs of stress on your tree, call us! Working with an arborist is the best approach to help a sick tree. Contact us now at 817-882-6499 if you are in need of tree disease treatment in Colleyville, TX.

  • Oak Wilt This disease does severe damage to the oak tree populations in Texas.
  • Anthracnose Leaves that have brown or tan spots might be a sign of anthracnose.
  • Hypoxylon Canker This disease typically invades tree that are suffering from drought stress.
  • Powdery Mildew This infection causes a powdery white layer to appear on the leaves of a plant.
  • Root Rot Less oxygen makes it to the roots of a tree when there is not enough soil drainage.
  • Chlorosis If you see the leaves of your tree begin to yellow, it might be a sign of chlorosis.
  • Fire Blight This pathogen causes a burned look around the edges of leaves.
  • Leaf Spot Leaf spot is a generic name used to identify diseases that infect leaves.

Oak Wilt Treatment

A prevalent disease seen in the DFW area is a fungus that inflicts oak wilt. It has detrimental impact on the trees and stopping the spread of infection is challenging. Preventative treatment is required for healthy trees even when the closest infection is a block away. If you have oak trees, particularly red or white oaks, contact us by calling 817-882-6499 for details on oak wilt prevention. We can provide treatments for oak wilt prevention to make sure your trees are protected from an outbreak.

Tree Pest Control

There are many types of pests in the Fort Worth area that could damage trees. You can safeguard your trees by keeping a look out for indications of these harmful pests. When you are in need of professional tree pest control in Colleyville, TX, call Butler Tree Health. Have a thorough health assessment for your trees done by our certified arborist by contacting us at 817-882-6499.

  • Bagworms Similar to webworms, bagworms create a protective structure in a tree to deter predators.
  • Webworms Webworms create nests of webs to live in and stay protected from predators.
  • Wood Borers These beetles will invade trees that have been weakened due to stress.
  • Emerald Ash Borers If your ash trees are showing signs of wood borers they will need immediate treatment.
  • Aphids Aphids live on and eat leaves of a tree and can attract other pests.
  • Scale Insects Scale insects are similar to aphids, eating through leaves and attracting more pests.

Keep your trees healthy and strong enough to fend off disease with the assistance of our qualified arborist. Trees that are healthy and strong not only look great but can increase property value. Call 817-882-6499 now if you require a certified tree specialist in Colleyville, TX. We offer services, including health assessments and treatments, so your trees remain healthy and protected against disease and pests.