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Our Certified Arborist Can Help Keep Your Trees Healthy

Trees are a very valuable part of your property. Investing in proper care, early on, can add thousands to your overall property value and save you from expensive removal and replacement cost down the line. Schedule your tree health assessment today!

Trees and shrubs growing in urban and suburban environments are often stressed for a number reasons. When a tree is stressed, its natural defense mechanisms are weakened, making plants more vulnerable to insects and diseases.

Poor soil quality, lack of nutrients, drought, over watering, improper planting, and soil compaction are the most common causes of tree and shrub stress. Most of these issues can be fixed. If they are not addressed, the tree or shrub will continue to be stressed, become extremely susceptible to insects and diseases, and if left untreated, will ultimately lead to plant death.

With the help of our certified arborist in Fort Worth, TX, you can ensure that your trees are healthy and have the natural defenses needed to fend off invasive insects or disease. Call our trusted tree treatment company today at 817-882-6499 to schedule an assessment of your trees.

  • Tree Health Assessment We can help maintain healthy trees and prevent damaging disease with our health assessments.
  • Deep Root Fertilization Help your tree grow with more nutrients and soil aeration through deep root fertilization.
  • Root Pruning We provide root pruning services to help prevent girdled root systems which leads to stunted growth.
  • Tree Growth Regulators Large trees can benefit from growth regulators which diverts energy use to stronger roots and defenses.
  • Tree Planting Looking to add some new trees to your property? Contact us about our small tree planting services!
  • Tree Pests & Diseases Our certified arborist can assist in the treatment of common tree pests and diseases found in the area

Tree Care

Deep Root Fertilization

Budding Red Oak Foliage

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Depending on the soil quality of your property, your trees may not a little boost to help them get established once planted. Deep root fertilization can help bolster trees that are planted in soil that are lacking the minerals that your trees need. The fertilization process will also help introduce oxygen to the soil which is especially important if the dirt is heavily compacted. Breaking up the soil and adding extra nutrients can give your trees more energy needed for growth and natural defenses. Contact us today at 817-882-6499 if you’d like to schedule deep root fertilization for your trees.

Tree Health Assessments

The health of your tree will determine how well it can protect itself against pests and diseases. There are many problems that North Texas trees can face and trees in urban areas are the most susceptible to the spread of disease. That is why Butler Tree Health offers tree health assessments. We have many years of experience and training with the common issues that local trees may come in contact with. Contact us today at 817-882-6499 if you would like to set up a tree health assessment in Fort Worth, TX. Our certified arborist is happy to help you understand the possible signs of stress or disease and the best methods of care so you can keep your trees healthy.

Tree Growth Regulators

As part of our tree care services, we also provide Tree Growth Regulator (TGR) treatments. These are recommended for treating large trees, either stressed or healthy. What the regulators do is slow the growth of vegetation on trees. The tree will remain as it is, it simply won’t produce additional stems and leaves which decreases the amount of trimming and pruning required. This allows the tree to use energy typically put towards growing into better root density and improving resistance to stress from drought or temperature changes. The benefit is a stronger, healthier tree that is less susceptible to damage and breakage. This is extremely helpful for large trees that could damage nearby building if they continue to grow outward. Contact us today if you are interested in TGRs.

Tree Planting

Tree Planting Services

Small Flowering Red Bud Tree

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Start your new trees out right with professional planting services! The planning and planting process are some of the most important steps to make sure that your trees live for many years without succumbing to stress or disease. Contact us today at 817-882-6499 to schedule tree planting services in Fort Worth, TX. Our certified arborist will guide you through all the necessary steps of choosing the right type of tree, the best location, and how to care for the species of tree you’ve chosen to plant. From there we’ll select and plant a healthy tree for you. We will also provide you with detailed information on how to best care for your new tree so that it can thrive in its new home. If needed, we can offer you a fertilization treatment if the soil quality needs a boost to help keep your tree fully healthy.

Tree Disease

Tree Disease Treatment

We help property owners keep their trees protected from disease with professional treatment and care plans to keep trees healthy. Stress is the number one cause of trees becoming susceptible to the diseases that could attack them. When a tree becomes stressed, usually from drought or nutrient loss, it begins to weaken which opens it up to predators and sickness. Without its natural defenses, trees may not survive through an insect infestation or disease. Call 817-882-6499 for the ISA certified arborist at Butler Tree Health for professional tree disease treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

If your tree have started looking unhealthy, the leaves are starting to yellow, or it is shedding leaves prematurely, it could be a sign of stress. Below you can find some of the most common problems that could affect your tree and what we can do to treat them:

  • Oak Wilt Oak wilt is caused by a fungus that can spread quickly through interconnected roots of oak trees.
  • Hypoxylon Canker Shade trees are the most susceptible to this fungus which usually infects tress with drought stress.
  • Seiridium Canker Cypress trees with drought stress or injuries could become infected with seiridium canker.
  • Brown Rot Cherry and plum trees that live in constant humid or wet conditions could be affected by brown rot.
  • Anthracnose If leaves have brown or tan spots on them, it could be a sign of anthracnose fungus.
  • Powdery Mildew Do the leaves on your tree have white splotches on them? It could be caused by a fungus called powdery mildew.
  • Phytophthora Trees that do not have enough soil drainage around the root systems could get infected by this fungus.
  • Leaf Spot Leaf spot is used to refer to many types of tree diseases that cause spots to appear on leaves, including anthracnose.
  • Root Rot Tree roots that don’t have enough oxygen due to over watering could begin to rot and decay.
  • Chlorosis When a tree is not getting enough nutrients, the leaves will begin to yellow because less chlorophyll is produced.
  • Fire Blight Leaves that have a scorched look to them is a side effect of the fire blight bacteria
  • Bacterial Slime Flux Injured trees are prone to bacterial infection as well as pests.

If you think that your trees might be suffering from stress or disease, give us a call 817-882-6499 to schedule a health assessment and possible treatment. When working with a sick tree, it is best to work with a trained professional to prevent any more damage and get your tree back to full health.

Tree Insects

Tree Pest Control

Tree Leaves Eaten Through by Pests

Proper Tree Care is The Best Prevention Against Pests

Maintaining healthy trees not only helps with property value, but it can also help you avoid dealing with detrimental issues like disease or damaging pests. There are many insects in North Texas that inhabit trees and can cause damage in the process. If you know what signs to look for, you can prevent your trees from becoming severely damaged by these pests. Contact Butler Tree Health if you need tree pest control in Fort Worth, TX or guidance on keeping your trees healthy. We are dedicated to protecting and maintaining trees so that they have the natural defenses they need to deter common pests. Call us today at 817-882-6499 to schedule an assessment with our certified arborist!

  • Bagworms Bagworms invade evergreen trees, creating nests from parts of the tree and eating the foliage.
  • Webworms These caterpillars create noticeable web-like nests in trees to protect themselves from predators.
  • Wood Borers Proper care can prevent your trees from becoming homes to these damaging pests.
  • Emerald Ash Borers These wood boring beetles specifically attack ash trees and have caused severe damage to ash populations all over the States
  • Aphids Aphids are tiny, leave eating insects that are damaging to trees in large numbers and can attract other pests.
  • Scale Insects Similar to aphids, these are tiny insects that can sometimes look like bumps on underside of leaves.
  • Grape Phylloxera Vineyards that grow V. vinifera grapes are susceptible to these tiny pests.

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